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OH MY GOD are the words most commonly heard from guests as they step off the private boat and onto the sandy beach at Isla de Dios, our beautiful, rustic – private – beachfront hideaway. Not because it falls into a standard definition of luxury, because it doesn’t. It is awe-inspiring because it’s unique and breath-taking, and because it is the only beach house, alone on an island, and that is a luxury for anyone who appreciates the value of space and privacy.

Perhaps what most surprises people most is that secluded places like this still exist in the world. Imagine waking up each morning to the songs of nature and the gentle relaxing sounds of the ocean. From all angles, no matter where you stroll, swim or trek to, all you see is clean ocean waters, deserted islands and – if you’re lucky – the occasional local fisherman out hooking the day’s catch.

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In all, Isla de Dios can accommodate up to 13 people very comfortably, (maybe even a few extra kids upon request). The beach house features:

  • 3 beautifully appointed en-suite double bedrooms
  • 1 HUGE mezzanine bedroom on the top floor with 5 single beds and one double bed that accommodates up to 7 extra adults or children
  • Dining room with family style seating for up to 15 people
  • Full kitchen
  • Huge living room with many sofas, books and games

Isla de Dios is just a hop, skip and private boat ride from the Manila airport. The quickest route is to fly from Manila to Coron (there are 4 flights daily). From there take a 30 minute private boat ride from the village of Decalacau, which is just a 15 minute drive from Coron airport USU). Alternative routes might be necessary depending on season/weather.

The days are yours to spend as you’d wish. Bring mats and start the day with yoga on the beach at sunrise. With no one in sight you can go for a swim then relax with a fresh coconut in the hammock that swings between two palm trees located in front of the beach house. Enjoy a cold beer or whatever you choose to bring with you inside or out! Our beach is privately owned and is for your exclusive use only.
Homar is our local caretaker. Although he’s not Hyatt trained (nor is he there to cook), Homar works tirelessly to ensure that you enjoy your holiday. He can help you to arrange deliveries for anything you may need or didn’t bring with you – including simple restocking of ice and beverages. We suggest that you bring everything with you and order in for delivery only your fresh seafood and basic drinks (beer, coke, etc.). There is a small store located just 15 minutes away by boat that will deliver right to the shore of your beach house but they only stock the basic that you would expect from a small village shop. Also, don’t forget to come with local currency because you will need cash in Pesos to pay for any deliveries.

We hope you will have a wonderful time on Isla de Dios. All I ask is that you keep in mind that this is NOT Necker Island and sadly I’m NOT Richard Branson. This is our family holiday home most of the year that we share with others when we are not using it to help offset the huge expense of having it. Please be realistic and understand what you’re booking. This is a castaway island experience situated in the last frontier of the Philippines and sometimes a sense of humour will be required during your stay. Expect coconuts and sandy feet, NOT marble bathrooms and 5 star USA style service…and to leave there with amazing stories from your unique adventure.


While the most common pastimes are relaxing, swimming, snorkelling, reading and taking in the breath-taking beauty surrounding the beach house, there are many fun things to do and ways to stay active:

  • Explore! Depending on your group size, there is a large variety of boats that can be rented from the local village for day trips, from as little as $50 a day.
  • Take a tour! There are several recommended tours we can arrange to other islands and secret coves, none of which cost more than a few dollars per person Scuba dive! There is a great dive company located just a 20 – 30 boat ride away from Isla de Dios that offers high quality diving service to our guests. Be sure to arrange this well in advance by yourself before you arrive. Keep in mind that we will need to arrange your boat travel to the dive resort so don’t forget to arrange that with Homar as soon as you arrive. Visit for more information, pricing and to book a reservation.